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Beyond is a brand that cares about making healthy choices a no-brainer. nice and easy. It shouldn’t be complicated to get some more nutrition into your life and you shouldn’t have to spend your weekend meal prepping like some sort of friendless monster. While we personally love wellness and nutrition, we get it, not everyone has the time or patience to make a fancy-pants dragon fruit acai bowl while juggling everything else they’ve got going on.

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Beyond Blend is all about being healthy without stressing about being healthy. We’re inclusive of all lifestyles. You don’t need to be a fitness guru or a health food influencer to appreciate the convenience of having a portable blender. Heck, you might just be looking for ways to be healthier without it being, like, work, you know? We get you.

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Keep it chic and simple

seriously unserious

There are no rules here. There’s no right way to make a smoothie or a shake and, much like life, we encourage mixing it up. Have fun. Live dangerously. Try something new!

We’re not asking you to put down that croissant, we’re challenging you to slip in some goodness where you can. That’s the beauty of Beyond Blender. We make it easy to get some healthy-ish-ness in on the go - even if you’re on your way to Margaritaville.

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Beyond is an award-winning lifestyle brand that cares about making healthy choices a no-brainer. We partner with other brands and people that share the same ethos as us.

With a diverse client list, Beyond has attracted widespread attention for its wellness centered aesthetic products. Beyond has also forged long-standing relationships with numerous global e-commerce brands and retailers including Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, GNC and many more.

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